Titan Souls Photoshop Poster

Graphic Design // Photoshop art piece

Titan Souls Painting

Project Role

Artist // Graphic Designer

Project Brief

This piece is an example of my competency in Photoshop using different variations of the brush tool to create raster based art. It employs design principles with the use of colors, tones and shades, as well as demonstrating a solid understanding of framing within a piece.


The first steps taken in this process involved compiling a folder of visual aids and references to keep the design consistent with the source material it was drawing from.


Once the necessary file set up and reference collection was complete, the next step involved sketching everything out in roughs, putting fine lines over that, and then finally applying flat colors and shading.


The result was a dynamic poster sized piece of artwork made with CMYK color palettes to ensure consistent colors for printing. It along with several other pieces is available at full resolution by simply clicking on the image itself.

Titan Souls Poster Process