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Graphic Design // Company Logo

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Project Role

Brand Consultant // Graphic Designer

Project Brief

In June of 2017, I was contracted to design a logo for the folks launching Stacked Podcast. I worked closely with the show's creators to ensure that I could capture the tone they were going for. The ensuing product was a vector art based logo they were quite pleased with.


After being hired on to work on the logo, I took some time to decide what exactly I would be making. I ended up making a custom font to find something that would really suit the show well, and which would help to make it stand out.


Once the initial design was sketched up, I imported the image to Illustrator and began to recreate the sketches as vector art. From there I would put the design through focus testing with the clients to ensure that they felt comfortable and satisfied with the results.


The Stacked Podcast Logo is currently in use by the recently launched podcast and can be viewed in usehere, where you can also listen to the podcast once episodes are available.

Stacked Process