Rick and Morty Movie Poster

Graphic Design // Photoshop Poster

Rick and Morty Movie Poster

Project Role

Artist // Photoshop Editor

Project Brief

This was one of my most enjoyable projects in the course of my program. The task was to create an advert of our own choosing while exclusively using real photographs. The purpose was to ensure that my ability to properly mask elements of my file while ensuring everything was properly laid out and labeled in the psd itself. I chose to adapt Rick and Morty for the big screen, choosing the very actors that the beloved cartoon characters are based off of.


My first goal in this project was to select my topic, and adapting a cartoon into live action seemed like a great mixture of challenge and entertainment for me. It was admittedly a bit of an "oddball" concept but the properties I would be borrowing from wholeheartedly embraced the very same weirdness I would be drawing from.


Once I decided on the "Live action movie poster" premise I needed to decide which episode of the series I would be adapting content from, and where I would gather any and all assets necessary for the project. After that, I proceeded to lay out my scene, deciding on angles and hierarchy.


The poster served as a rousing success, garnering the laughter of many individuals and spreading joy in abundance. If you're interesting in having a laugh yourself, you can find the full resolution version of this glorious poster here.

Rick and Morty Movie Poster Process