National Geographic Article

Graphic Design // Indesign multi-page article

National Geographic Article

Project Role

Writer/Editor // Graphic Designer

Project Brief

The purpose of this project was to demonstrate an understanding of Indesign and while integrating typography techniques and successfully laying out information in a format that is both easily read and scanned while adhering to National Geographic design standards.


The initial steps in this project involved choosing a topic to present and for this I chose the wonderful specimen of marine life that is the octopus. I chose this mainly because the octopus makes for a great subject both to learn about and view, as it is visually very interesting and there is an abundance of photos of octopi available online.


After picking a topic and acquiring the proper asssets, document setup became the next logical step. This was achieved by first determining the amount of pages, resolution, desired layout, and creating a grid of guidelines to maintain balanced and consistent placement of text over the large surface areas of each page.


The resulting work is a pdf article of eight pages containing three original article pages each in two different layouts for both portrait and landscape perspectives. It is viewable here.

National Geographic Article Process