Metal Gear Solid / King of The Hill Cross fan art

Graphic Design // Photoshop art piece

Metal Gear Solid / King of The Hill Crossover Poster

Project Role

Artist // Graphic Designer

Project Brief

This piece of crossover fan art was originally created as a birthday present for a close friend and has since served as an example of my ability to emulate other artistic styles and influences in my own work. It proved to be quite the test of not only my photoshop ability but also my ability to work under tight deadlines.


The core objective of this piece is to demonstrate artistic flexibility and adaptability, while remaining true to both of the properties used in the creation of the project itself. For the sake of the project, I gathered extensive reference shots for the clothing of the characters as well as various shots for proper framing of the characters as well as determining which Metal Gear Solid character would translate to which King of the Hill character.


After acquiring the necessary reference images I set out to working on the actual project which while time consuming proved to be quite rewarding. I started first with a roughs layer for blocking the characters, following that with "inking" the lines that would be seen in the finished work, and topping it off with various color layers for the characters and background.


As you can see, the end result is a piece of what one might call modern art. The rendered work depicts both properties clearly, and it has actually been featured on various blogs for fan art. The full version can be viewed in all of its glory here.

Metal Gear Solid / King of The Hill Crossover Poster Process