Legend of Zelda Article Contribution

Graphic Artist // Photoshop art piece

Link Breath of The Wild Fan art

Project Role

Artist // Graphic Designer

Project Brief

Three pictures drawn for the April issue of BCIT's LINK Magazine, featured in an article. The article itself is about the Legend of Zelda, a Nintendo video game franchise with a long history and different visual interpretations. I was happy to take on a commercial project about a series I enjoy, and was intrigued by the unique challenge presented in using one consistent visual tone to depict a series that has varied so much over the years. This was taken on in a self-managed manner, wherein I oversought the production of the assets and was given free reign creatively in regards to how they would look.


To begin, I decided on which sections of the series I would be depicting. I opted to showcase the game's main protagonist Link from his first appearance in 1986 to contrast with his 2017 iteration. In addition to the earliest and latest versions of Link, I would choose to include his Ocarina of Time appearance, as that is widely regarded as his most well known and iconic form. Following that, I determined the best way to associate these images would be to convey the similarity of the games' exploration focus with each picture's focus on Link and his surrounding environment.


Once I had settled on the subjects of the respective images and had a rough idea of what I wanted each to look like I set to creating outlines in Photoshop with the brush tool. When I had finished that, and followed up with final line work, I grabbed reference images of each Link to grab accurate colors and began the coloring process. Normally I use a soft brush at a lower opacity with opacity pressure enabled to get a smooth gradient in terms of lighting but for this project I decided that a flat two toned coloring process would create more visually striking images.


The final result of my work was approved and featured in the April Issue and can be viewed in high definition here alongside the article itself, written by Brandon Maclean. It's a good read, so I'd recommend checking it out.

BOTW Link Process