Expertly Molded

Web Development // PHPTAL webpage

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Project Role

Project manager // Back end developer

Project Brief

Expertly Molded is a faux pottery company for whom I have built an ecommerce website as part of a team project. It makes use of the PHPTAL library for dynamic rendering of content while maintaining code clean enough to be easily read by those unfamiliar with more traditional PHP. It is an ongoing project, as it will be receiving several periodic updates; so be sure to check back frequently for changes!


The initial stages of this project entailed learning PHPTAL and laying out a file structure. Following that I created a database layout in 3rd normal form to ensure that all dependencies were accounted for.


After the more theorhetical goals were outlined and the concepts were in place it became a matter of building the necessary files, becoming more acquainted with PHPTAL and combining it with more traditional SQL code.


Currently, Expertly Molded is a work in progress, and its in-browser demo available for viewing here.

Expertly Molded Process