Burberry Watch Recreation

Graphic Design // Illustrator Project

Burberry Watch Large

Project Role

Illustration // Graphic Designer

Project Brief

The Burberry watch recreation is a compact, straightforward example of clean file building in Illustrator. A relatively quick project, the goal of which is to demonstrate competency in recreating objects as scalable vector graphics, while maintaining a degree of symmetry and showcasing a understanding of the foundations of graphic design when applied to products and advertisements.


The first step in the project was to select a particular watch out of many potential watches to be recreated in Illustrator.


Once the watch was selected, I got to work setting up the file I would be working in; following specific layer names, creating guides, and embeding any necessary reference images. Following that, I set out to recreate the watch in sections including the face itself, the upper and lower strap, and the outer frame.


If you're interested, a dissectable file is available here.

Burberry Watch Process