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My name is Matt Lehti, I'm a fullstack developer with a knack for graphic design, specifically drawing. My passion for design started young, whereas I learned to enjoy marketing in the Digital Design and Development Diploma program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, which I graduated from with a diploma in 2017.

What you will find on this site is a sampling of projects I have worked on, both for school and for clients from a variety of industries. 


Below is a quick overview of the projects I have completed so far which I consider to be highlights. My passion is coding and web development. I'm also capable of graphic desig



Taskmaster is a web application built for team productivity and coordination.

Veinotte Horse Farm

A wordpress powered site built for a local lowermainland business just this year.

 React.js Dashboard

React.js Dashboard

A react dashboard with the ability to create and store comments on a facebook style wall.